St Mary's Church

West Chiltington

A Village Church for the Village


“Love the Lord your God with all your heart

and with all your soul

and with all your mind and with all your strength . . .

Love your neighbour as yourself. 

There is no commandment greater than these.”

A warm welcome

We are a small church with a big heart and a faithful congregation,

set at the centre of a beautiful village within West Sussex.

God loves you for being you, God created you as a unique, special, individual

we’d absolutely love to welcome YOU and your family to St Mary’s with open arms.

We shall help your spirit soar, your heart to sing with joy and your soul shall find rest.

You will come to know that you are Redeemed by God's love and grace through his Son Jesus Christ.

St Mary's takes its Safeguarding responsibilities seriously. Click here to view our Safeguarding pages.

Every prayer and blessing

Fr Stephen, Patrick Higham and Cosmo Goldsmith

Rector and Churchwardens,St Mary's Church, West Chiltington

Garden of Remembrance



1. The Garden of Remembrance is set apart for the interment of the cremated remains of the following persons:

 i. Those dying in the parish

ii. Those resident in the parish at the time of their deaths

iii. Those on the Church Electoral Roll of the parish at the time of their deaths

iv. A minor child of a person on the Electoral Roll of the parish.

The incumbent, or in the event of a vacancy in the benefice, the Priest in charge, may, after consulting the Parochial Church Council, consent to the interment of the cremated remains of any other person for good reason.


2. That in the Garden of Remembrance cremated remains shall be committed directly into the earth, and not in caskets or any form of container. It shall be within the incumbent's discretion to choose the spot of each burial.


3. Individual memorial stones for the interment of cremated remains in the Garden of Remembrance shall be permitted, subject to the following:

i. Size 12” x 12” (max)

ii. Materials The Following stone is permitted: Limestone: Portland Hornton Purbeck or Horsham Nabresina Derbyshire Caen / Normandy Hopton Wood Sandstone: York Slate: Blue/Black (Cornish) Green (Westmoreland) Grey/Blue (Welsh) Granite: Light to medium grey

iii. Appearance Polished stone or mirror finish is not permitted.

Coloured lettering is not permitted save as follows: Any limestone may have the lettering picked out in contrasting matt; slate may have lettering picked out in off-white matt; granite may have lettering picked out in off-white or black matt.

iv. Must be installed flat and level with the ground (so that the grass can be mowed)

v. The inscription should include Name, Date of Birth and Date of Death

vi. The stone may not include any form of plant holder or vase


4. One small pot plant or bunch of cut flowers may be placed on top of the memorial stone, but these must be removed as soon as they appear to be withered. If not, they may be removed by those authorised to do so by the incumbent.


5. No artificial flowers shall be allowed except for Remembrance Day poppies and traditional Christmas wreaths, and these should be removed after a period of no more than two months. If not, they may be removed by those authorised to do so by the incumbent.


6. No bulbs, plants or additional shrubs or trees may be planted in the Garden of Remembrance.


7. No vase or other container may be placed beside the memorial stone. Plant pots, vases or any other unauthorised items left in the Gardens of Remembrance may be removed by those authorised to do so by the incumbent. 

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